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Welcome to the Be Smart, Strong and Safe website!

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is pleased to be able to partner with teachers and parents across Canada to educate children to be smarter, stronger and safer in both the online and real worlds. From helping them to understand the difference between healthy versus unhealthy relationships to learning about respecting or breaking personal boundaries, this site will help you begin important conversations with children and help educate them about sexual abuse and exploitation.

The Be Smart, Strong and Safe initiative has been designed to be used with children at the Grades 5 and 6 levels. Here you will find a variety of tools and resources, including the Be Smart, Strong and Safe activity booklet. Through a number of fun and interesting activities, this booklet will help children learn how to identify inappropriate behavior and how to talk to a safe adult when something makes them feel uncomfortable.

The Be Smart, Strong & Safe campaign was developed with support from Bell Canada. You can download a copy of the activity booklet and the four lesson plans that go along with it by clicking on the buttons to the left. In addition, you can access other valuable child personal safety resources for Grade 5 and Grade 6 students by visiting our Resources page.

Feedback: We hope to hear from you

We value your feedback and would appreciate getting your comments on this new initiative.

Feedback: We would love to hear your thoughts on Be Smart, Strong and Safe. Please visit the Parent/Teacher Feedback Page to provide us with your comments.

Teacher Evaluation: Once you've had an opportunity to review the materials and complete the lessons and activities with your students, we encourage you come back to this website and visit the Teacher Evaluation section to complete a short questionnaire.